After-School Program

Farm to Field After-School Program

PURE’s Farm to Field after-school program focuses on improving academic development by providing support to at-risk students. Students have access to tutors to assist them in all their learning needs. Our after-school program combines academics, agriculture, physical education and nutrition. All are key components in helping every student reach their ultimate potential, putting them on a path to break generational poverty. Students experience hands-on learning in PURE’s Pizza and Victory Gardens.


PURE offers students high-quality literacy instruction and homework support. Our goal is to mend education gaps by providing students with individualized academic plans. Students have access to the PURE technology lab to complete online assignments.


Students receive instructions in agriculture. They learn how to grow their own food and how healthy food choices impact their health and community. Students are connected to local agriculture leaders, experiential learning opportunities, and fresh, healthy food.

Physical Education

PURE organizes physical activities for students participation. Regular physical activity teaches social skills and promotes learning. PURE tracks students Body Mass Index (BMI) and helps manage weight to create student awareness around physical activity and healthy eating habits.


Nutrition is a key component in how our students perform daily. Students will learn the importance of healthy food options and be provided with a meal after every after-school session.