PURE Academy

PURE Academy is recognized by the State of Tennessee as a non-public Category 1 private school. With a holistic philosophy that is a college-preparatory in-person, personalized learning environment, we align state standards with an interdisciplinary project-based curriculum, which strives to provide students with personal meaning in their studies by making connections to real-world concepts in all disciplines. Academics, social-emotional learning, and athletics are interwoven in a collaborative approach to give each student the necessary tools to become a successful college student, and productive member of our community.

Individualized Learning Plan

We guide each student to maximize their potential and meet the highest performance standards through an individualized learning plan.

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First Class Athletic Competition

We believe that integrating athletics into academics fosters character development. Lessons learned on the field translate into essential life skills.

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Encouraging Personal Growth

We champion growth and advancement. Our commitment lies in providing our students with the necessary resources to enhance their academic and personal development.

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