Character Development

Character Development

Our students participate in character-building sessions where we focus on topics such as relationship building, decision making, and conflict resolution. We believe that your character ultimately becomes your destiny, so it is our goal to build that strong foundation.


We believe in a tiered approach for our students to reach the maximum level of success. Our Sports Based Youth Development module focuses on engaging in the study of leadership summit activities. They learn the basics of leadership, using sports as a model. We use key strategies to build confidence in our students. Our focus is on leadership, adversity, and stress. The leadership skills they receive are transferable beyond sports.


PURE Champions Mentor program facilitates relationships between students and a member of the community. Mentors serve as positive role models who help students achieve their goals by sharing life lessons.

PURE Mentors support our students throughout their college experience, assuring our students have support throughout their program involvement.

Community Service

PURE believes in giving back. We are actively involved in initiatives that impact and demonstrate good citizenship and leadership both inside and outside the local community.