Founder’s Message

“It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

— Frederick Douglass

〝 I started PURE Youth, (Progressing Under Restraints and Extremes) with the vision of shaping the minds of at-risk young men. The purpose of this organization is to train young boys to excel in athletics and academics, while exposing them to many opportunities that will prepare them to become productive men. They are taught the importance of avoiding criminal activity and are encouraged to pursue positive social activities. I saw an urgent need to assist underserved youth, mostly from single parent homes in high crime areas. Many of them have already experienced a run-in with our justice system. Most were academically deficient and others had either an association or membership in local gangs.

My desire, my mission and ultimate goal is to use PURE as a deterrent from negative influences to bring positive changes to our young children. I haven’t always made the best decisions in life. Therefore, I use my story to inspire young people to make better decisions. My life’s story is a testament of how a person can change his/her life to become a productive citizen. With your donations and encouragement, together we can help build a stronger foundation for our youth. Your donation will be used for tutoring, food, transportation, and athletic training. With your help, together, we can change the lives of our underserved youth. 〞

— Melvin Cole