Life at PURE

Empowering Minds, Inspiring Futures

Athletes for Agriculture

Athletes for Agriculture is PURE Academy’s leadership program and school-based enterprise. Operating through an authentic, student-run business model, PURE students grow and distribute healthy food, educate the community on the benefits of healthy eating, and advocate for actions and policies that support healthier students. With guidance from industry experts and local business partners, PURE students manage all aspects of running the business, including food production, processing and distribution, branding, marketing, product development, and customer engagement.

Living Learning Lab

The PURE campus integrates research and innovation with everyday life, contributing to the intellectual, emotional, ethical, physical and social development of our students. Students actively participate in assessing campus needs and facilitating classroom projects to brainstorm and implement solutions. With the PURE campus located in a food desert and most of our students coming from neighborhoods with little to no access to green spaces and healthy food options, school gardens became a viable solution to an existing barrier. Beyond providing sustenance for the school, these gardens serve as vital social-emotional outlets, offering our students a serene space for personal growth and connection.


Our STEM curriculum is crafted to inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and holistic growth. We blend rigorous academic pursuits with hands-on experiences in athletics, agriculture, and civic engagement. Through this integrated approach, students not only have an understanding of global and local issues, but the resilience, skills and tools to address them effectively. PURE also co-creates our curriculum with industry partners and enriches our students’ educational journey through an array of external experiences like internships and field trips.

College Preparatory

At PURE, most of our aspiring college-bound students are first generation who have yet to set foot on a college campus. That’s why we collaborate closely with students and their families to create a plan to meet each student’s individual academic and athletic needs. We also provide them with the chance to experience life on a college campus through our annual college tour.  In addition to adequately preparing PURE students, we support our graduates throughout college via mentorship and a monetary stipend.