The PURE Vision: Campus Expansion

PURE Academy is embarking on a phased renovation project at a North Memphis high school, located at 3925 Chelsea Avenue. Rather than opting for new construction on its existing campus, PURE has chosen a sustainable and community-focused approach. This involves the revitalization of three existing buildings, totaling 60,000 square feet, along with the incorporation of a spacious three-acre area to accommodate a regulation sized football field. Phase I construction has commenced on two buildings, marking the initial step in our expansion. Anticipated completion and full operational status for these renovated structures are set for 2025.

PURE staff, students, partners, and supporters came together to celebrate this significant milestone during the groundbreaking ceremony in November 2023. The ceremony marked the beginning of a new chapter and reflected PURE’s shared commitment to foster growth, resilience, and empowerment for its students. The groundbreaking event not only laid the physical foundation for the expanded campus but also served as a testament to the powerful energy that propels PURE Academy toward a future of excellence.

Every part of the property will be transformed to support PURE’s focus areas. Planned amenities include a garden, outdoor community and learning spaces, and functional fitness equipment. In line with the vision to utilize small urban spaces effectively, the new campus will provide areas where students can learn, reflect, and maintain physical fitness.

Additionally, the living-learning environment will have a residential capacity of 100 students and 300 total day students, allowing PURE Academy to extend its residential programming to a broader student population. This expansion is a pivotal step in PURE’s mission to provide a supportive and enriching educational experience to more young minds, fostering holistic growth within a larger community.

With the expansion and upcoming state-of-the-art facilities, PURE Academy aims to continue empowering students to reach their full potential and prepare them for a successful future. This strategic move is a potent example of PURE’s commitment to meeting the needs of the community, enhancing urban boarding school programs, and contributing to the improvement of the overall neighborhood environment.

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Fred Sidney Smith III Living Learning Center sponsorships

Provides donors with an opportunity to make a direct impact by funding the needs, resources, and activities for students’ education. In return, donors receive naming rights or recognition, aligning their support with the enhanced learning environment they help create.

Opportunities starting at $1,000.

Gymnasium sponsorships

Provides essential support for the athletic programs at PURE to enhance the overall health experiences of our students. In return, donors receive naming rights or recognition, showcasing their commitment to students’ holistic development.

Opportunities starting at $200.

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Tom and Ellie Lawrence training area sponsorships

Provides vital support for physical education and wellness initiatives at PURE, elevating the overall health experiences of our students. In exchange, contributors gain naming privileges or acknowledgment, highlighting their dedication to the comprehensive growth of students.

Opportunities starting at $5,000.